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Jul 16, 2024 - Jul 19, 2024 UTC-07:00

Recurring Meetings

Meetings of the Mid-Hudson Valley CSTA start at 4:30 PM. A flexible agenda of PD activities covering both computer science content & pedagogy is scheduled in advance, and the interests of the group adapt it throughout the meeting to be most impactful for everyone in attendance. The opportunity to get together in person is one we cherish, but we are also quite effective when meeting via video conference this year. To avoid zoom-bombing, we email the meeting link before each meeting to everyone on our mailing list. If you are not on the list but would like to join us, please email any chapter leader for the link.


Most of our meeting attendees teach introductory computer science concepts to diverse groups of K-12 students in a broad range of educational settings -- rural, urban, after-school, girls-only, informal, integrated, etc -- and many have only recently started learning computer science themselves.

CTLE Credit

We partner with several organizations to offer CTLE credit for  teachers who needs it to maintain a professional teaching certification. This credit is offered for participation in our Monthly Chapter Meetings.  Contact one of the chapter leaders for more details.

Guest Speakers

We are always excited to meet and hear from guests who can share their technical or educational experiences to a friendly and informal audience of 10 to 20 K-12 school teachers and education supporters.  Guests speakers are welcome to talk or present for 10-20 minutes.  Engaging with the Chapter is a good way of supporting computer science education and the future Hudson Valley technical workforce.

Still Curious?


Here in the Mid-Hudson Valley we are committed to helping each other in many ways including:

  • Identifying teaching materials appropriate for grades K-12

  • Identifying funding sources for student materials

  • Spotlighting teaching practices most likely to get great results from students at various ages, K-12.

  • Discussing strategies for working with diverse populations and for recruiting diverse populations in clubs and high school classes 

  • Spotlighting extracurricular activities and competitions to motivate students

  • Communicating about NYS Learning Standards for Computer Science and Digital Fluency

  • Connecting with interdependent organizations including our local colleges and overlapping professional organizations to advance Computer Science Education throughout the region and throughout the state

  • Partnering with business to create opportunities for students and to learn more about the current and future state of the broad range of computer science professions

  • Sharing news and information about New York's evolving teacher certification for computer science

  • Sponsoring local computer science related activities for teachers and students

  • Providing teacher professional development on specific topics each month

  • Identifying opportunities and funding sources for regional, state, and national professional development for K-12 teachers

  • Supporting each other to feel confident and capable of making a difference in our classrooms and in our larger community

Drop in once in a while or join every session. There is something new and interesting happening all the time. We are looking forward to seeing you!